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United Airlines Reservations, Flights, Official Site

United Airlines, Inc, is a major Airlines in America and it’s headquarter located in Wills Tower in Chicago, Illinois.  United Airlines operates a wide range of international and domestic route network and it a huge existence in the Asia-Pacific region.  It is a founding member of the Star Alliance, which is considered as the large airline alliance in the world with a total of twenty-eight member airlines. Local service is managed by independent airlines using the brand name United Express. The United Airlines was established by the combination of various airlines in the late 1920s, and the oldest airlines among the combinational of airlines were the Varney Airlines that was established in 1926.

United Airlines has 7-hubs, and the largest hub was Chicago-O’Hare regarding the number of departures and the number of passengers carried. The airline has been employing for more than 86,000 people and through the parent company of the United Airlines Holdings, it is traded publicly under NYSE: UAL with a market funding of over 21 billion US dollars as per the statistics are shown in January 2018.

United Airlines flights offers the best and safest fleet and it is easy-to-book the low-cost air tickets for domestic routes.  Despite being an extremely convenient way of buying air tickets at United Airlines, it also offers the best deals for travelers who like to travel but not ready to spend on Expensive Air Tickets.

The airlines offer flight tickets at a very affordable price and it will provide you the list of accessible flights along with the significant information. That can help you select the best and the cheap flight to travel to your destination.  You can avoid travel agent service as you can easily get access to the United Airlines Reservations information at its official website so that you can save some money.

United Airlines Reservations and Tickets

If you want to do reservation, ticketing, or ticket changes, then you can contact the United Airlines customer service department. You can also visit Flight Search & Manage Reservation page on the official website before contacting the officials. Here, in this section, you can make changes to your reservation or book your ticket on united.com.

 The United Airlines also offers a computerized Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) phone system, which gives you an option between touch-tone and speech recognition.  To go through the menu using the touch-tone option, then first check the options list and equivalent touch-tone commands to choose the required option.

If touch-tone option is not accessible on the website, then you can still use the options using your telephone keypad to enter the comparable digits, for instance, 22252045, etc.

United Airlines Flights

United Airlines is one of the popular and oldest airlines of the United States headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The company was established in 1926 and it was known as “Boeing Air Transport”. Initially, the airline operated as an air carrier that used to fly from New York to San Francisco through Salt Lake City and Chicago.  In the year 1930, the airlines began carrying passengers.  Also, this year is prominent as the world’s first air hostess or stewardesses were started the service. The first female attendant in the fight named Ellen Church. The United Airlines Employees served in the piloting bombers, armed force, taking parts in different battles, and transporting mail during World War II.

The airlines merged with Capital Airline in 1962 making it the second-largest airlines in the world.  But, only in 1983, United Airlines started operating its first international flight, from Seattle and Portland to Tokyo. Because of some financial difficulties occurred in 1991 with Pan American World Airway, United Airlines determined to purchase its routes between the United States and London.  After Pan America’s bankruptcy claim, United Airlines also go its pacific rout system under its control.

Along with United Airlines flights, other four carriers, including Lufthansa, Air Canada, Thai Airways International, and SAS joint venture with Star Alliance Airline in 1988. During the World Trade Center Attack, United Airlines reported a financial loss of about 2.1 billion dollars, but with the help of the US government, the company returned to its financial balance quickly.

The Airlines merged with Continental airlines in 2010 and both airlines continued to function as subsidiaries of United Continental Holdings with 370 airports in around 59 countries and fleet of 692 aircraft serving the passengers continuously.  All the flights were relabeled as United Airlines. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved the merger in March 2012, so now the two carriers are becoming one operating carrier and work under single operating license.

Baggage: United Airlines permits a passenger to take one cabin bag on board. But, the traveler should bring the bag that meets the weight and size restriction mentioned by the airlines.  The weight may differ depending on their air ticket booking class and their destination.  Also, the passenger should follow particular weight and dimensions limits for the check-in luggage, and it also varies depending on their route and booking class.

Travel Classes:  If you want to travel with United Airlines flights, then you can select between Business, Economy, and Premium booking fares.  In the Premium and Business class, you can have around 120cm of legroom and reclining leather seats and a fully flatbed.  You can get access to adjustable reading lamps, video players, and seat-back screens, and various other luxuries available. Also, United Airlines was the first carrier company in the world to offer app amended for iPhone and iPod with their activity system.

Online Check-in:  You will have access to online check-in 24hrs of the expected departure time.  However, it may vary depending on the departure and the destination airport.

What is United Airlines Official Website?

If you want to book airline tickets at United Airlines, then don’t forget to look for airlines deals as this carrier offers the most valuable deals for its passengers.  To get the best possible deals, go to the United Airlines official website at www.united.com  where you can find reliable deals that can help you save a lot of money.


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